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OFHS Research Library - dispersal sale to members

The details are on our news site.

OFHS Research Library - at the Holford Centre

The extensive resources of the Society's library are held at the Society's research centre which is housed at :-

The Holford Centre
School Lane
Stanton St John
OX33 1ET

All of the items listed in the library catalogue are available for consultation at the Holford Centre during its normal opening hours by members and non-members alike. Additionally, all books other than those in the "reference" section are available for members to borrow.

Books can be borrowed by members of the society for a one month period of loan. These can either be collected from the Holford Centre during its normal opening hours, or the Librarian will bring books by arrangement to the society's meetings at Kidlington.

The library catalogue is divided into the following classifications :-

books for reference only
one-named studies
monumental inscriptions - bound copies
local interest books
books on other counties or countries
books on general subject
microfiche (for reference only)
CDs (for reference only)
church and small booklets

The Librarian is pleased to answer enquiries about the library's stock. Enquiries should preferably be made by e-mail, although postal enquiries are acceptable if accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope.

Derek Powles, Librarian

OFHS Research Library - the catalogue online

This present online version was loaded in January 2012. The library is continuously being added to.

Please note that this catalogue remains the copyright of Oxfordshire FHS.

For those with Microsoft Excel (or a compatible spreadsheet program) the catalogue is available directly as: OFHS_Library_List.xls (602kbyte)

For those without Excel (or a compatible program) I have created the following CSV file for download: OFHS_Library_List.csv (922kbyte) - that file should be readily imported to any spreadsheet or database program.

If you want to browse the list directly then the following Adobe PDF file may be useful: OFHS_Library_List.pdf (1.1Mbyte)

Any queries about, or corrections to, the content of the catalogue should be addressed to the librarian, Derek Powles, at:

Technical enquiries on the downloadable files should be addressed to Malcolm Austen at:

OFHS Research Library - catalogue notes
Column A:- The reference in this column is to the Shelf on which a book is kept.
The letter is to the 'Stack' and the number to the Shelf in the 'Stack'. Shelves numbered down.
In the case of 'CDs or Videos', the 'MCT' refers to the Top of Metal Filing Cabinets.

In the case of 'One Name Studies', the 'MCD' refers to Metal Filing Cabinet Drawer and the number to the relevant drawer.

In the case of Microfiche/Floppy Disks, T1 refers to a ;Metal Index-Card Drawer.

Column B:- The references 'SBF'(Small) and 'LBF'(Large) are to Box Files in which the Leaflets/Small Books etc. are kept. Where possible, each Box File contains Small Books etc. on a similar subject or theme.
In the case of CDs, 'CDRx' refers to a CD Storage Rack.

Column C:- This column lists the 'Old Reference Numbers' that had been given to the Books over the years and before the storage system was changed. In fact, many books are marked with several different reference numbers reflecting various changes in filing.
The 'Old Numbers' are shown here as they are on the book

Where applicable, books are kept in alphabetical sequence of village names (Oxfordshire), County names etc.

Column D:- Title of Book.

Column E:- Name of Author(s) or Publisher.

Column F:- Date of Publication or of the Edition.

Column G:- Which Edition or if a Reprint etc.

Column H:- Indicating if the Book is for 'Loan' or is for 'Reference Only' at Holford Centre.

Column I:- Type of Book etc. as follows:-
  • C/SBK Church and Small Booklets.
  • CDs CDs for reference only at Holford Centre.
  • GIBSON J.Gibson Guides. Many available on OFHS Book Stall.
  • Local Interest / LOCAL I. Books of Local Interest and normally for loan. Some available on OFHS Book Stall.
  • MCL E.McLaughlin Guides. Many available on OFHS Book Stall.
  • MI's Monumental Inscriptions. A very few Bound Copies that should now be treated as Reference Only at Holford.
  • Most Monumental Inscriptions are on Microfiche and some on CD. These can be purchased or be viewed at Holford.
  • MIS Miscellaneous Books - usually for loan.
  • ONS One Named Studies - submitted by Members. For reference only at Holford.
  • REF Books Etc. for Reference Only at Holford Centre.
  • LBG Books for Loan on General Subjects.
  • LBO/C Books for Loan on other Counties/Countries.
NOTE:- Book Loans can only be done at Holford Centre. No Postal Loans can be arranged.
Loaned Books returned to Holford or at Monthly General Meetings at Kidlington.
Period of Loan being Maximum Four Weeks.

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