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Maps of Oxfordshire parishes

We have three useful maps of parish locations. The first is interactive, the other two maps are suitable for downloading and printing:

Interactive Oxfordshire Parish Map

The easy way to find a parish - just select it from the drop-down list and then see it highlit on the map. This page also shows the current state of publication (on fiche and on CD) of the registers for any parish and indicates the number of entries the parish has in the major indexes available through our Search Services.

Oxfordshire Parish Map (including neighbouring parishes outside Oxfordshire)

This map is available as a free download and as an A4 monochrome print from the Society. Please note that this map was revised during 2001, it now has a grid superimposed to coordinate with future OFHS publications.

City of Oxford Parish Map

This map is available as a free download and as an A3 colour print from the Society. This (March 2001) edition is a little clearer in parts than the version previously available. 

New for May 2014: Animated surname migration map (but only for Oxfordshire!)
1801 Oxfordshire Hundreds

This map on the MapCo web site is particularly useful as the hundreds are coloured.

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