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Oxford County Parish Map

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Map of Oxfordshire's parishes

This map was traced by Howard Fuller from material in what was then the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies (later just Oxfordshire Studies and, in 2011, combined into the Oxfordshire History Centre at St Luke's in Cowley). A copy remains on display in the family history section of Oxford's Central Library. An A3 printed copy of the map is available from the OFHS bookstall. OFHS publications use this map and grid as a common locator system. A list of parishes and their grid references is also available, below.

Thumbnail of County parish map The thumbnail version of the map (left) shows the coverage - the map extends a little over the borders into neighbouring counties. If you click on the thumbnail map you will get a larger version which will give you a better view of the map but will give very poor results when printed.

If you have a high resolution screen or want to print a higher quality copy then you can right-click on one of the following links and save the file to disk for viewing with or printing from a dedicated graphic utility.

155kbyte (1500x1941pixels) map of Oxfordshire Parishes

237kbyte (2000x2589pixels) map of Oxfordshire Parishes

You may find the text on those versions hard to read.
The Society has this third and highest resolution version available (from the bookstall) printed on A3 paper.

604kbyte (3840x4970pixels) map of Oxfordshire Parishes

You may find this PDF files containing an index of the parish names and their map locations useful.

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