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The Parish Chest - its contents and officials

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The Parish Chest - its contents and officials

That was the title of the lecture given to the Society on 24th September 2001 by Jean Debney.

Jean has kindly allowed us to put her handout sheet onto our web site for those who were unable to attend the meeting.

If you have the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer this PDF copy of the sheet will be more convenient for printing.


The “Parish Chest”, with its three locks, was used to store not only the registers of baptisms, marriages and burials but also a great variety of other records produced by and for assorted parish officials.

The office of churchwarden is an ancient one, but between the sixteenth and the nineteenth century, the parish gradually became more involved in the local government of their area, especially where manorial control was weak. Over the centuries, various acts of parliament also increased parish responsibility, such as the maintenance of the poor, highways, law and order, etc.

The majority of these records are to be found in the local diocesan (county) record offices. However, their survival depended not only upon the local mouse population, but also the housekeeping enthusiasm of various people keen to clear away old ‘rubbish’.

This talk aims to introduce you to some of those parish officials and the records they produced - with special emphasis on those sources which include personal names.


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