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The Oxfordshire Family Historian is the Society's Journal and is published three times per year. The three issues have cover dates of April, August and December and members normally receive each issue in the early part of the cover month.

A CD is available containing PDF files of past copies (Volumes 1-24, to 2010).

Style and Preparation Guidelines for Authors

The joint editors have produced a set of guidelines for prospective authors. Some of its content details style preferences and some defines more detailed layout aspects that may be of help to those preparing articles for the journal.

There is, of course, no requirement for articles to be made using these detailed styles. The editors are happy to receive contributions in almost any form that is convenient to the author. That said, we would encourage all contributors to look at our conventions on such items as surnames, time formats and abbreviations.

The guide is available in two forms:

PDF (21kbyte)
This form requires only the (free) Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer.
MS Word (36kbyte)
This copy is only of use if you have MS Word installed or have installed software that can read MS Word documents.

For those who have MS Word on their computer, we have also prepared a Word Template file. If you have Word installed then right click and save the file OFHstyles.dot (21kbyte) as follows:

Word 2000 users:
Save into the folder C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates
Word 97 users:
Save into the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates

By using this template, authors will find that two A5 pages, each of two columns, are laid side-by-side on an A4 page thus achieving a good approximation to the page layout of the Journal itself.

Please note that the footer is set up to automatically show the date of the last time the document was saved to disk. This feature is very useful when making corrections to a document but it does involve the use of Word's macro facility and will fail if you have turned off the execution of macros.

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